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Why you need solid oak furniture

Wood is the preferred material in the furniture manufacturing industry. The elegant and sophisticated charm of wooden furniture pieces cannot be replicated by furniture made from metals or plastic. While designing wooden furniture pieces, oak is the most sought after timber in the furniture industry.

Strong and durable solid oak furniture

Oak is noted for its hardness. This hardwood is widely used by carpenters for constructing indoor as well as outdoor furniture. Among the different types of oak timbers, the English or the European oak is considered the toughest. This traditional material for creating timber frames of buildings, flooring and furniture is touted to be as strong as steel. With minimal care, solid oak furniture lasts for several generations. The durability of oak can be gauged from the fact that several stately mansions still boast of elaborately designed antique oak furniture pieces. The natural tannin content of oak protects it from insects and fungus. Waxing the wooden furniture occasionally enhances the stain and scratch resistant properties of the furniture.

Types of oak

Although all types of oak furniture share the aforementioned features, the quality of the timber varies according to the species. About 600 species of oaks are found around the world. They are found primarily in the Northern Hemisphere in Europe, America and Asia. The oak species in Europe are considered superior to that found in America. The English oak is among the strongest and durable oak species. The grain of the natural pale brown colored lumbar is straight and course, making it one of the popular hardwoods for furniture making. Furniture constructed with English oak lasts a lifetime.

The quality of oak is also determined by its growing condition. Even timbers of the same species exhibit slightly different properties when grown in different regions. Oak procured from well drained areas are easiest to work. They have the finest quality grains. Moreover, the timber is resistant to moisture, making it a suitable material for crafting garden furniture. Oaks grown in humid climate that are occasionally flooded have coarser grains. Nonetheless, they are durable and resistant to moisture and harsh weather conditions.

The red and white oaks are abundant in the cool temperate forests of the Northern hemisphere. The pinkish red shade of red oak makes it a popular material for designing attractive solid Oak dining sets. The grains of white oak tend to be longer than that of white oak. With medium to coarse texture, it is durable and moisture resistant.

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Why oak dining sets are the best choice

From elaborately designed dining sets of stately mansions to chic dining chairs and tables for contemporary homes, most customers rely on oak dining sets. The durability and versatility of the timber significantly enhances the longevity of these wooden furniture pieces for the dining area of your house.

Types of oak dining set

The conventional dining sets with four to six dining chairs arranged around a solid oak dining table are the most popular dining room furniture found in reputed furniture retails. The extra large dining sets with ten chairs are suitable for large family gatherings. The wooden chairs and tables usually come with lacquered finish. In addition to solid wooden dining chairs, you can opt for attractive fabric or leather seated chairs. With the availability of oak dining sets of numerous designs, you will be spoiled for choice while shopping in a reputed furniture retail store. Oak furniture made out of English or European oak is considered the best. It is one of the toughest hardwoods, more long lasting than other oak species.

Durability of oak dining sets

Although expensive than other wooden dining sets, oak dining chairs and tables offer the best value for your money. Oak furniture pieces are revered for their durability. With appropriate care, they can last a lifetime. Oak is known as live wood. The natural tannin content of the timber protects it from moisture, insects and fungi for several years. Over time as the natural oil of oak dwindles, occasional application of high-grade teak oil forms a protective barrier to pests and humidity. In case, teak oil is unavailable, you can wipe the furniture with Danish oil.

Care for oak furniture

Other than regular dusting, for the first few years after buying a new oak dining set, it will hardly require any additional care. To retain the original finish of the furniture and to resist scratches, waxing is recommended every few months.

To prevent staining, do not allow moisture marks to remain on the furniture for a long time. Wipe the water stain as soon as possible. Stubborn water marks can be removed by leaving a small amount of butter or margarine on the stain overnight. Wipe it clean in the morning and polish it to restore the original appearance. Instead of butter or margarine, you can use a mixture of olive oil and cigarette ash to remove moisture stains. Minor burn marks on dining Oak Furniture can be faded with the help of toothpaste.

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